Missile testing in Iran (archives)
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Iran says successfully tested new missile
State media reports six-day naval exercise culminates in test firing of new, medium-range surface-to-surface missile atop warship. Missile hit target 19 miles away and destroyed it, says report

Iran's military has test-fired a new surface-to-surface missile fired from a warship as part of a naval exercises in the Persian Gulf.


"The surface-to-surface Nasr-2 missile was tested in the (Sea of) Oman operational region," Iranian state media reported, adding that the test itself took place on Saturday.


"The Nasr-2 was fired from a warship and hit its target at a distance of 19 miles and destroyed it," said the report adding it was the first test of the new, medium-range missile.


The West accuses Iran of attempting to manufacture nuclear warheads, a charge Tehran denies, and has consistently demanded it halts its nuclear efforts.


Iran insists that it wants to master nuclear technology in order to generate electricity so that it can export more of its huge oil and gas reserves.


The military maneuvers included vast Iranian naval forces the likes of warships, commando forces, destroyers, submarines, naval artillery, helicopters and fighter jets.


The six-day exercise, which included war games, was launched last Tuesday, in wake of the growing tension between the Islamic republic and the West, especially the US and Israel, which have said to be considering military action as means of ending Iran's nuclear efforts.


Iran has warned that the continues pressure may lead it to close off the Straits of Hormuz – a strategic gateway into the Persian Gulf, which allows the traffic of some 40% of the crude oil produced in the area.


Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, commander of the Iranian Navy, said that the exercise was successful and that it had achieved its goals. The Iranian military, he added, "has the courage to protect Iran's interests so that no one will dare to invade our territory."


Iran wants to solidify its status as a leading Gulf nation, in order to discouraging its neighbors from aligning with the US in case is decided to strike Tehran.


Washington, which has its navy's Fifth Fleet based in the Gulf Arab state of Bahrain, has pledged to keep shipping lanes open. Experts say Iran's navy would be no match for US technology but could still create havoc in the waterway.


Reuters contributed to this report


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