A. Soviet Mig shot down during Sinai War
B. IAF photo lab, 1966: Unit commander Aryeh Yaakobi, GHO chief Aharon Yariv and General Eli Zeira
C. IAF Commander Ezer Weizman, 1966
D. Aryeh Yaakobi with Eli, 1966
E. IAF Commander Moti Hod visits photo lab, 1967
F. Aryeh Yaakobi planning over maps
G. Aryeh light Hanukkah candle at unit celebration
Last peek at Aryeh Yaakobi albums
Air Force photographer's picture archives provide an exciting glance at events which shaped Jewish people in past 60 years. Sixth and last article in series
After his archives provided us with a rare and exciting peek into different chapters of World War II and the State of Israel's history, we now reach the sixth and last part of the series of articles dedicated to Aryeh Yaakobi's photos.


This time we present the people and sights of the Israel Air Force.


Previous articles:


1. Aryeh Yaakobi with an F8 ground camera. Most ground photos were taken with this camera and a 75X negative


2. Harvard aircraft in photo from 1950s


3. Dakota aircraft at IAF transport base


4. Three Vautour aircraft – Air Force's first jet planes


5. Nord transport plane


6. Fouga aircraft in flyover


7. The Phantom, a veteran wheel horse


8. A photo showing the results of an air raid during the Six Day War, 1967


9. 1967, Air Force soldiers embark on ground patrol after their plane lands in Bir Gafgafa airport after Six Day War battles


10. An Egyptian convoy hit during war, 1967


11. The el-Ferdan Railway Bridge on the Suez Canal near Ismailia, Egypt


12. The el-Ferdan Railway Bridge on the Suez Canal near Ismailia, Egypt


13. The "discotheque" at the Qantarah junction


14. On the banks of the Suez Canal at al-Qantarah el-Sharqiyya


15. IDF's A2c Patton tank


16. Aerial photograph of Masada


17. Aerial photograph of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt (from Ran Peker's plane)


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