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Thank you, President Bush

George W. Bush led war against terror and should be thanked for that

“Obama Mania” has swept the land of the free and quarters of the oppressed. For good reason. Barack Obama brings hope and ambition for a better day. But even during days of high hopes and clear clouds we should keep our sights on the key issues, give credit where credit is due and define the main mission ahead.


Recent polls depict President George W. Bush as one of the worst American presidents ever. Bush mismanaged the New Orleans hurricane relief efforts and the US economy, which led to grave consequences for millions of Americans and adversely affected global prosperity and livelihood. But at the end of the day, these effects will be no more than footnotes in the Bush legacy.


History will judge Bush on the war he led as leader of the world's only superpower against militant Islam, or in his words, "The War on Terror."


With the privilege of hindsight, it can clearly be determined that few global leaders or statesmen in the course of history were able to grasp the moment and truly address the issue of their time in the manner Winston Churchill did prior to and during Word War II. Yet while leading his people during the dark days of the Battle of Britain and on various other fronts, he earned little recognition from his constituencies, losing their vote after the war. But, once the dust had settled and after all was said and done, the Free World knew that Churchill had led his people through their "finest hour."


George W. Bush is no Winston Churchill; not even close. But he grasped the moment and boldly addressed the issue of our time - The War on Terror. Critics jabber Bush as a simple-minded man who sees things in terms of "true" or "false" - "black" or "white," rather than vetting through the gray.

Perhaps, but in the war on terror there is no room for ambiguities, or in the words of President Bush, "you're either with us or against us." President Bush led the confrontation against terror and should be thanked for that.


Bush, unlike Churchill, did not finish the job. Therefore, the war persists, and should be spearheaded by the United States and its allies.


Today, despite the “Obama Mania” that has swept us all and the domestic challenges Obama said will be met, it must be made clear that above all else, Barack Obama as commander-in-chief should be judged by his ability to stop Iran from becoming nuclear. Iran is the most active state sponsor of terrorism on earth and has been so for the last quarter century. If Iran becomes nuclear on Obama's watch it will go down in his and our infamy.


Good luck, President Obama.


The author is a Partner at the Naveh, Kantor, Even-Har Law firm and a research fellow at the International Counter-Terrorism Center in Herzliya


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