Riots underway in capital
Photo: Ronen Medzini

Haredim to police: Nazis, burn in hell

Shabbat war continues: Ultra-Orthodox rioters hurl stones at security forces, vehicles in Jerusalem to protest opening of parking lot on Shabbat; haredi demonstrators refer to police as 'Nazis, anti-Semites'

Shabbat war resumes in full force: Thousands of haredim hit Jerusalem's streets Saturday to violently protest against the decision to open a disputed parking lot on Shabbat.


Demonstrators repeatedly attempted to lie down on the main road leading to the Karta parking lot. The Orthodox rioters were directing harsh derogatory terms at security officers, including "Nazis" and "anti-Semites."


Some protestors yelled at police: "We overcame the Nazis, and we shall overcome you too," while others chanted "you will burn in hell; the haredim will stick around."


Clashes in Jerusalem (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


Earlier Saturday, protestors formed a human chain in a bid to hinder police efforts to remove them from the scene of one protest. Police soon began detaining some of the demonstrators. 


Elsewhere in the capital, ultra-Orthodox rioters hurled stones at vehicles traveling in northern Jerusalem. No injuries were reported in the incident, as police forces rushed to the scene.


Rabbis to lead protests

Dozens of police officers were deployed near the disputed parking lot and have placed roadblocks along the road in a bid to prevent the haredim from accessing the disputed parking lot. Initial reports indicate that haredi protestors were pushing and shoving police officers, who were struggling to hold the protestors back.


The ultra-Orthodox public has been urged to take part in the Mea Shearim protests in recent days after notices to that effect were posted in the capital. As opposed to last week's protests, which were largely spontaneous, this week demonstrators will receive official support in the form of community rabbis, expected to head the protest marches.


Last week, 57 ultra-Orthodox suspects were detained in connection with assaults on police officers, engaging in illegal protests, and violent riots. Some of the detainees have already been indicted at court.


Efrat Weiss contributed to the report


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