Olga Borisov
Photo: Yaron Brener
Mother convicted of killing 4-year-old son
Olga Borisov of Rishon Lezion, who drowned her child last year, found guilty of manslaughter as part of plea bargain approved by Tel Aviv District Court
Rishon Lezion resident Olga Borisov broke into tears Sunday morning as her lawyer read out an amended indictment convicting her of killing her child.


The Tel Aviv District Court accepted a plea bargain signed with Borisov and agreed to send her to a probation service review which would determine her sentence.


About a year ago, Borisov confessed to the police that she had drowned her four-year-old son whom she viewed as a burden. The original indictment accused her of murder, but the prosecution believed it would be difficult to prove that she had intended to kill the child, and therefore preferred to reach a plea bargain.


Borisov breaks into tears at court (Photo: Yaron Brener)


According to the amended indictment filed with the court by Attorney Tony Goldenberg of the Tel Aviv District Prosecutor's Office, Borisov took her son Alon to a beach in Bat Yam with the intent of ending both her and his life. At 1 am, she entered the water with the child and drowned him.


Her husband, Ilan Yehuda, who has been supporting his wife together with his family members, told the court, "She is a miserable woman, a wreck. She is my wife and will always be my wife. She was in a difficult mental situation before the incident and tried to commit suicide, but the doctors said she was okay. Now when I meet with her she tells me she misses the child. He's the only one she thinks about."


Borisov's lawyer, Yossi Zilberberg, said that this was the most difficult case he had been in charge of throughout his years as an attorney.


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