Photo: Shaul Golan
Rabbi Sherlo. 'Participants get free publicity'
Photo: Shaul Golan

Rabbi Sherlo: Traveling to overseas tombs – idolatry

Prominent Religious-Zionism figure slams flight of businessmen, celebrities to Bulgarian grave. 'These days faith is perceived as a convenient deal' he says

Rabbi Yuval Sherlo is not impressed with the recent phenomenon of hundreds of businessmen discovering their 'Jewish sparkle' upon visiting tombs of righteous rabbis.


Following the travel of millionaires and celebrities to a famous grave sites in Bulgaria with Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto, Rabbi Sherlo, a leading figure in the Religious-Zionist camp releases a short article in which he implies that the act amounts to idolatry.


Sherlo cynically describes relations between the participants of the event and God as "not a bad deal," going on to write, "What are they ultimately required to do? They travel overseas to throw themselves on righteous tombs and with an important rabbi."


Sherlo also stated, "This trip requires nothing from them – not a change of devotion to halachic law, not conducting their businesses on the values of charity and law; they donate a certain sum to a righteous rabbi; they are forced to endure a flight for several hours and say prayers. That is all.


"And look what they're getting in return: Godly consultation and business advice; they are overcome with a deep connection to faith for having uttered prayers on righteous tombs; and they get free publicity for the media-covered travel; their public image is boosted with a air of mystery; they manage to get God 'on their side' and from now on the path of business is paved for them. Worth it, isn't it?"


Rabbi Sherlo further wrote, "This is the way faith is perceived today. Some sort of a deal, which only requires visiting the tomb of a righteous one accompanied by a rabbi, for money, an inner feeling of something secret and hidden, involving media, culture and government, all wrapped up in a package of faith, mysticism and secret. Is that not the definition of idolatry?"


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