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Military chopper lands at Knesset, injures 2 homeless

IDF confirms reports of two civilians lightly injured when military helicopter flew at low altitude near parliament building in Jerusalem. Homeless people in the area claim that wind created by blades blew objects in air, including their tents. 'No one is helping us; they're trying to cover it up,' one of them says

Two civilians were sustained light injuries Wednesday resulting from a wind tunnel created by a military helicopter that landed next to the Knesset in Jerusalem. The IDF Spokesperson Unit confirmed the report.


Homeless people living in a tent encampment nearby reported that the chopper blades blew their tents and other belongings into the air, which injured two of them. According to them, the security forces that arrived on the spot quickly departed without offering any aid.


According to the military, the chopper flew at a low altitude as it approached the landing field near the Knesset. The chopper reportedly landed safely without any extraordinary incidents. Only later was a report received about the two injured. The IDF Spokesperson Unit claimed that the landing was carried out according to protocol, according to initial investigations.


Asher, a homeless person who has been living in the tent encampment for three months, told Ynet, "The helicopter blew away all the tents; people were injured, and security forces arrived."


Asher complained that the tents could not be erected again. "Everything here is ruined and it's impossible to sleep," Asher said. According to him, government officials came to check out what had happened, but, like the security forces, departed the scene quickly. "Our entire world is destroyed," he said.


Asher said that the tent encampment, which accommodates 20 people, is located some 100 meters (about 330 feet) from the landing field, and an even shorter distance from the Knesset. "All the tents collapsed. We don't have any equipment. Everything is gone. What are we going to do for the holidays? Nothing is left," said Asher.


He and his friends saw that the helicopter was about to crash, but that the crew gained control at the last minute. "The security forces are shaken. One is covering up for the other. You should have seen how many security officials were here, each one covering for the other. They finished with the ordeal and left," Asher.


According to Asher, disaster was narrowly averted. "There is an eight-month old baby here. If she were in the spot she usually is every night at that time, she would have flown away. Miraculously, she wasn't here tonight and was saved."


Ariel Danieli and Attila Somfalvi contributed to this report


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