Suleiman blames Israel
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Rockets remains
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Katyusha found in south Lebanon
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Lebanon's Suleiman blames Israel for rocket

In interview to Hezbollah-affiliated paper, President Michel Suleiman says 'Israeli agent' responsible for Tuesday Katyusha rocket fired from south Lebanon, adds attack 'an excuse for Israel to violate sovereignty'

Lebanese President Michel Suleiman says Israel is behind the Katyusha rocket fired from Lebanon on Tuesday. In an interview to Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar, the president did not conceal his concern over the recent incident.


Suleiman said the rocket "is an excuse for Israel to keep violating Lebanon's sovereignty and immediately use it to continue its intelligence activity in Lebanon due to Hezbollah's presence."


The president explained that the rocket attack from Lebanon coincides with Israel's interested and said the shooter was an Israeli agent. "Therefore, I do not rule out the possibility that Israel is the one behind the Katyusha attack," he said.


"I believe that Israel must deal with the main problem, which is expressed in its attacks on Jerusalem and Gaza, its rejection of the right of return, the continued construction in settlements and the restoration of rights to their owners."


Suleiman went on to mention UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War. "We do not serve as a platform to violate the international resolution; I said this during my last visit to south Lebanon. I stressed that we will not allow any body to violate the international resolution."


But there are those in Lebanon that feel otherwise. One of the heads of the country's anti-Syria camp, Samir Geagea blamed Lebanon for the attack. In an interview to Lebanese channel MTV, Geagea said the attack was "a crime against the Lebanese and residents of south Lebanon."


The morning after the attack, four more ready-to-launch Katyusha rockets were uncovered in south Lebanon.


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