Police commanders to learn new models
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Commanders to study fair policing in UK

Senior Israel Police delegation heads to Belfast, London for study mission on providing respectful services to minorities

A senior delegation of the Israel Police, headed by the Major General Officer, will depart for Belfast and London on Sunday for a study mission on models of "fair policing" towards minorities.


The mission, which includes nine brigadier generals from various police departments, is part of an educational program that aims to introduce the officers to practical tools for providing egalitarian and respectful policing services to Israel's Arab citizens.


The program was developed by the Training and Education Department of the Human Resources Division and the Abraham Fund Initiatives.


This program is part of a joint venture between the Israel Police and the Abraham Fund Initiatives aiming to improve relations between the police and the Arab community. The venture was initiated following the October 2000 events and the publication of the Or Commission recommendations.


During the mission, participants will explore the reforms undertaken by the Northern Ireland Police to improve its dealings with the Catholic minority following the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, which put an end to the long lasting violent conflict between the Protestant majority and the Catholic minority.


Police will be introduced to training processes, new models and practices of police accountability, skills for improving dialogue with communities and mechanisms for promoting fair representation of minority populations in all service ranks.


As part of the program, the officers will meet with senior representatives of the Northern Ireland Police as well as with government officials responsible for improving inter-communal relations.


Officers will also meet with representatives from organizations like the Policing Board and the Police Ombudsman which supervise the police's work. The Northern Ireland visit was made possible with the assistance of the British Council.


Prior to their departure, the officers participated in a two-day study and preparation session at the Police's Senior Officers College. The preparation session included workshops and lectures on a number of topics including policing in conflicted societies, democracy, minorities, policing in multi-cultural societies, police-Arab society relations, public budget allocation, public policy and diversity management, planning and land policy, the needs and attitudes of the Arab society regarding the police and the background of the conflict in Northern Ireland.


The delegation is headed by the head of the police's Human Resources Division, Major-General Amichai Shai, and will be accompanied by Amnon Be'eri-Sulitzeanu and Mohammad Darawshe, co-directors of the Abraham Fund Initiatives and by Advocate Orna Lin, a member of The Abraham Fund Initiatives Board of Directors.


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