Mordechai Vanunu
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Vanunu arrested for parole violations – again

Former atom spy detained for breaching parole stipulation prohibiting him from meeting foreign nationals

Former atom spy Mordechai Vanunu was arrested on suspicion of breaching the terms of his parole, after meeting with foreign nationals in Jerusalem, Monday.


The Jerusalem Police arrested Vanunu at the capital's Ambassador Hotel, during a meeting with a Norwegian woman.


Some of the former spy's parole conditions stipulate that he is forbidden from having any contact with foreign nationals or the foreign media.


Police said Vanunu violated his parole when he first met with the Norwegian in July, and breached court orders once again by meeting with her this week and renting a room with her in the Ambassador Hotel where he currently resides.


Police claim that a search of Vanunu's belongings revealed a letter sent to him from the United States, which raised suspicion that he may be in contact with other foreigners. Police also stated that the fact that he was staying at the hotel is a violation of his parole, as he was ordered to remain in his previous place of resident in east Jerusalem, and not leave it without the police's knowledge.


As in previous cases, Vanunu admitted to the allegations against him and said he has no plans of abiding by the orders. The Norwegian was also questioned and confirmed that she had met with Vanunu.


Vanunu's attorney Avigdor Feldman criticized the arrest in court. "Up until now the authorities were aware that they cannot forbid him from being in contact with every foreign national," he said, noting that the charges his client was tried for in the past only referred to contact with journalists.


Feldman added that the authorities were aware of Vanunu's relationship wish a Norwegian woman since July "and they stayed together in her last visit as well, with the Shin Bet's knowledge."


He added that Vanunu has already been questioned in the matter "and the Shin Bet told him that they know about his relationship with this woman, a relationship that has nothing to do with espionage, and is simply a relationship between a man and a woman, who happens to be Norwegian."


Since his 2004 release, Vanunu has been detained several times for parole violations. In 2008, the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court sentenced him to six months in prison for breaching the foreign contacts' ordinance.


In a recent court hearing, Vanunu said that he thinks US President Barack Obama should interfere on his behalf: "Obama wants a world free of nuclear weapons and he should push for my release.


"All I want is freedom. I have no freedom of speech and no freedom of movement. Even Obama knows Israel has nuclear weapons."


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