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Former employee sues Sara Netanyahu

Lillian, who worked as housekeep for prime minister's wife for six year, files claim with Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court accusing Netanyahu of abuse, underpayment, forced labor on Shabbat. Full story appears in Friday's Yedioth Ahronoth

"Sara Netanyahu abused me, paid me less than minimum wage, didn't pay my social benefits, forced me to work Saturdays even though I observe Shabbat, and forced me to call her 'Mrs. Sara Netanyahu'," these are just some of the allegations Lillian, a former housekeeper for the Netanyahu family in their Caesarea residence, made against the prime minister's wife.


In a claim filed with the Tel Aviv Regional Labor Court by her lawyers Asaf Sharaf and Shai Lavi, Lillian recounts her version of experiences during her six years working for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife.


According to the claim: "The relationship (with Sara Netanyahu) constantly came with a line of humiliation and a hostile atmosphere both at work and outside of work. For example, after Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu was elected prime minister, Lillian was not allowed to call the defendant by her first name, but was to call her, 'Mrs. Sara Netanyahu'.


"And if she was to make an innocent mistake, out of belief that this was a personal relationship, Netanyahu would shout at her for daring to call her by her first name since, 'I am a person of authority, and every one of my household staff must respect me and call me by my title, Mrs. Sara Netanyahu.'"


The claim continues to say that "Sara Netanyahu would adorn herself in her feathers and shout aloud: 'This is my beautiful house, and I am the mother of the State of Israel.'


"Lillian was forced to bring four sets of work cloths to work each day: A set for doing laundry, a set for cleaning the toilets and the showers, a set for cleaning the rooms, and a fourth set for cleaning the kitchen.


"If she would dare violate Netanyahu's clear orders, the latter would shriek and lose her mind over how Lillian must maintain maximum sterility and not pollute the house."


The prime minister's wife has yet to file a response to the claims.


The full story appears in Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper's Friday edition


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