Netanyahu, 'Important achievement'
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Feiglin, 'We are being cheated'
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Likud votes in Netanyahu's favor

Seventy-six percent of Likud Central Committee members vote in favor of prime minister's bid to postpone elections to movement's institutions. Moshe Feiglin, head of 'Jewish Leadership' branch, slams Netanyahu saying, 'We can't afford to have leader who takes Rights' votes and hands them over to Left'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed the Likud Central Committee members to vote, and it seems to have paid off. The official results released Thursday night show that the Likud chairman vas victorious in delaying elections in the party's institutions. Some 76% of the party's central committee members voted in favor of delaying elections, while 23% voted against the motion. In total, around 80% of the committee's members showed up to vote.


Netanyahu welcomed the results and said this is an "important achievement, which proves, once again, that the Likud is a responsible and sound movement, that deserves to lead the country." He thanked the party's members for responding to his calls "and leaving their homes to vote for the movement's true path."


Head of the party's right-wing "Jewish Leadership" movement Moshe Feiglin assembled his supporters after the ballots boxes were closed and said he accepts the loss, but vowed to run for the party's chairmanship soon. "We will be back running for the party's chairmanship sooner than we think, and we must win," he said at an assembly in a Jerusalem hotel.


"We cannot afford to have a national leader that takes the Right's votes and hands them over to the Left," said Feiglin, who leads the branch that is opposed to postponing elections. This movement will gather a strong, broad national camp that has a God, and has faith. Tomorrow morning I am going to see to it that people join Likud."


He went on to say, "It is possible that, if it wasn't for all kinds of escapades, we would have won – but there is certainly a large group that is not affected by my words."


'We are being cheated'

He said that during the election, it became apparent that Netanyahu is concerned "only with what happens within his party. If it wasn't for 'Jewish Leadership', nothing would have stood in his way to divide Jerusalem. Still, it seems we are working with our hands and legs completely ties. We are being cheated in the elections. "


Feiglin added, "The USSR collapsed when the public stopped legitimizing the government. Today I asked members of the Central Committee who voted in favor of Netanyahu: 'When you learn that Netanyahu used your votes to divide Jerusalem, who will you vote for?', and they said, 'for you'."


After the results were announced MK Danny Danon said, "We honor the vote's results and the committee members' will. All the Likud movement's members must unite as one and continue safeguarding the Likud's unity, and I urge all the members of the national camp to join the Likud movement starting tomorrow morning."


MK Carmel Shama welcomed the results: "The Likud movement has won and today was saved from entering a political whirlwind. The members demonstrated responsibility and brought about a clear result that can and must serve as a basis for the Likud's stability and unity."


Likud Center Chairman Minister Moshe Kahlon thanked the members for taking part in the vote and said, "Netanyahu has won over the Likud and I am pleased that the center accepted the prime minister's proposal."


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