Hamas man in Gaza (archives)
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Hamas exposes 38-year collaborator

Gaza government's interior minister says security organizations have uncovered 56-year-old Palestinian who worked for Israeli intelligence services since 1972

Thirty-eight years at the service of Israeli intelligence? Hamas' interior minister, Fathi Hamad, announced Sunday that the Gaza government's security organizations have uncovered a 56-year-old Palestinian who was operated by Israel since 1972.


The minister failed to add any additional details on the man's identity or how he was exposed, but noted that the Strip's security organizations were about to complete "the most comprehensive and successful campaign against the Israeli intelligence and its accomplices in the Gaza Strip.


"We have uncovered new ways which have been used by the Zionist occupation to infiltrate the Palestinian side," Hamad added. He define the campaign being conducted these days as the biggest in Palestinian history, noting that his men were questioning suspects in old cases as well.


"The Zionist occupation is conducting a secret war against us and our youth, during which it is making use of drugs and sex in a bid to bring down and destroy the youth," Hamas' interior minister said.


Hamad told students at the Islamic University that they must beware of electronic techniques aimed at bringing them down and urged them to take the path of jihad and resistance.


The Gaza interior ministry spokesman, Ihab al-Ghusein, added that the security organizations in the Strip were pursuing all collaborators with Israel. "This is our top priority and we won't stop chasing those agents," he said.


According to al-Ghusein, the security organizations have been very successful in their struggle against those aiding Israel in Gaza.



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