Prof. Weiss. 'Basic weakness'
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Prof. Weiss: Perhaps PM was never a Jew
Right-wing Bar-Ilan University professor slams Netanyahu over plan to renew West Bank settlement construction freeze, calls for independent Jewish entity in Judea and Samaria. 'We won't pay taxes to Israel,' he says
"Netanyahu is the head of the ghetto; Netanyahu is selling Joseph," Bar-Ilan University Professor Hillel Weiss said Sunday night in a scathing attack on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following his plan to renew the West Bank settlement construction freeze.


In an interview to Ynet held on the sidelines of an emergency meeting called by settler leaders, Weiss said, "I can say to Netanyahu quietly – you have forgotten what it means to be Jewish, and perhaps you were never even Jewish."


Weiss, who in the past wished death upon the Hebron Brigade commander, slammed the prime minister with harsh words. "Netanyahu has basic tendencies and weaknesses… This was expressed in the expulsion of (Likud hardliner Moshe) Feiglin and in his intolerance against any authentic Jew with a beard, a moustache, a skullcap, and glasses."


According to the right-wing professor, "Israel's status in the UN as a normal and normative country is a million times more important to Netanyahu than a Jewish state, the state of the Jews."


He even used images from dark ages. "In the Białystok Ghetto there was someone who said, 'We'll just work till the end of the Holocaust, everything will be okay.' Three months before the end of the Holocaust, the entire ghetto was destroyed. This is exactly what is happening here. Netanyahu is the head of the ghetto."


'Knesset and government irrelevant'

Weiss called for the establishment of an independent entity in Judea and Samaria. "The settlement must define itself as a political entity sitting inside the Land of Israel or as an autonomy or as a Jewish state."


In his vision, he sees an autonomy of Jews in the territory. "We expect the State of Israel to provide the autonomy with all the infrastructure required for the Jewish settlement's existence."


According to the professor, the settlers "must establish a parliament, of Jews, in which all residents of Judea and Samaria will be represented, and take practical steps of taxation, settlement plans, living in tents in order to spread across the mountains.


"We won't pay taxes as much as we can to those setting out to destroy us. We will pay taxes to ourselves and the rest, the services the State of Israel will agree to provide to us, we will give to it too."


Weiss added that "the Knesset and the government are completely irrelevant. I can't negotiate with the Israeli government here. But, God willing, we will convince the Israeli government and the State of Israel that they had better not try to dismantle the army and cause a civil war. All the communities, all the outposts, all the cities – they must know that they are sovereign communities at least like in the Diaspora."



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