Endangers world Jews? PM Netanyahu
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Leftist letter: Bibi encourages anti-Semitism

Academicians, cultural figures urge Labor to quit coalition, say far Right endangers world Jews

A letter signed by some 30 leftist academicians, artists and Israel Prize winners urges Labor Party members to quit the coalition, arguing that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government encourage anti-Semitism and endanger world Jews.


"Netanyahu is the center of the far Right's bad wind, which encourages anti-Semitism, endangers Jews in the world, and threatens to raze Israel," the letter read.


The letter says that Labor's presence in the government serves as a fig leaf for Israel's current government, charging that "Netanyahu is the man who enforced party discipline for the sake of ruining democracy in establishing a Knesset hunting party to pursue civilians."


The letter's signatories charge that Netanyahu encourages what they term "racist Knesset legislation" and add that "Netanyahu government funds subsidize inciting rabbis and their ministers." Both the Labor Party and Kadima must stand up to Israel's "dangerous regime," the letter read.


The leftist signatories scathingly criticized Labor faction members after only three of them voted against Yisrael Beiteinu's initiative to establish a parliamentary committee that would look into the funding of left-wing organizations.


"We, the undersigned, state that the moment of truth has arrived," the letter read. "Every minute where ministers who claim that they are committed to democracy – and mostly Labor party ministers – remain in the government and grant it political power constitutes an incomprehensible disgrace."


The signatories include former Minister Shulamit Aloni, Professors Galia Golan, Aliza Shenhar and Uriel Procaccia, actor Chana Meron, writers Sami Michael and Yoram Kaniuk, and playwright Joshua Sobol



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