'Yhey needed more help.' Young Judaeans in Carmel
Photo: Omer Shalev
Carmel fire (archives)
Photo: Shlomi Nissim
Young Judaea members raise money for Carmel youth village
Hadassah youth movement members deliver appliances, clothes, financial aid to village damaged in deadly wildfire. Atlanta resident: It was sad to see all the destruction

Three hundred members of Young Judaea, Hadassah's youth movement, volunteered to help the Yemin Orde youth village in the Carmel, which was damaged during the wildfire which erupted on December 2 and claimed the lives of 44 people.


Representatives of the annual Young Judaea Year Course arrived at the village recently and met with some of the counselors. They brought appliances, clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, school bags, and writing instruments for the 500 children living in the village (among which are also orphans). They gathered the supplies from friends and Young Judaea staff.

Delivering supplies to Yemin Orde (Photo: Omer Shalev)


In addition to the supplies, the Young Judaea participants also brought an envelope holding NIS 8,000 (about $2,200), which they had raised.


Eighteen-year-old Shira Berman of Atlanta said, "We went out to the Jerusalem boardwalk area, carrying signs, musical instruments and cookies, and started collecting money from passers by. Luckily for us, there was a show that night so there was a big crowd and we managed to raise NIS 8,000.


"When we gave the money to Yemin Orde, I felt tremendous satisfaction because I saw how much they needed it. It was also sad to see all the destruction. It was clear they needed more help; restoring the village will require much more work," she said.


Hadassah President Nancy Falchuk, said, "I am proud of our kids for volunteering to help Yemin-Ord. There is no more uplifting way to begin our centennial than to see them continuing the legacy of our first president, Henrietta Szold, a vision of true community and connection to Israeli society and its needs."



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