'Turned into ultimate criminal.' Galant
Photo: Yaron Brenner

Galant: I'm still designated chief of staff

Major-General Yoav Galant speaks up, tells Ynet government should transfer his matter back to Turkel Committee. 'If I was meticulously examined for six months and all they found were these two faults, they can probably find same on anyone else,' he says

Major-General Yoav Galant, whose appointment as the next chief of staff was cancelled following a recommendation by the attorney general over his conduct in the lands affair, said "I am not only designated for the position, but also meant for it; I feel ready."


In an interview with Ynet, Galant noted that he is expecting the government to transfer the matter back to the Turkel Committee on the appointment of senior officials.


Galant said that his appointment to the position of chief of staff was recommended by Defense Minster Ehud Barak and supported by the government, which is the one qualified to revoke the decision.


"I am expecting (the government) to make the right decision. Mistakes were made in planning and construction plans, and I take full responsibility, but you cannot rule on this matter without taking other aspects into consideration," he said.


'I didn't lie or deceive.' Galant (Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit)


The government is scheduled to vote on the matter on Sunday, and if the cabinet decides to revoke Galant's appointment, it will end his chances of becoming the next IDF chief once and for all.


Galant insisted on having the Turkel Committee review his case one more time, while considering all related material, including the state comptroller's report on the matter.


"It's the body that advises the government, and that's where things should be decided – not in the media," he stressed, adding that all the alternatives being considered for the position will only further destabilize the IDF.


'From typical Israeli family to sidelines of society.' Galant and wife


"If I was meticulously examined for six months and all they found were these two faults, they can probably find the same on anyone else," he lamented.


Asked whether he would be willing to appear before the cabinet, Galant said, "If I am summoned, I will be honored to be there and answer every question."


'Well-orchastrated operation'

Galant insisted that his downfall was carefully plotted: "A well-orchestrated and coordinated operation was activated against me, and if they managed to dismiss the chief of staff moments before he assumes position over two issues – they can dismiss any person from any position in Israel. They can go against him with a media title wave and the results would be similar," he added.


"I didn’t lie, deceive or do anything intentionally. I take full responsibility just as throughout the course of my life I stood behind my mistakes in all my positions in the IDF.


"Throughout 34 years I have led operations, combat soldiers, and probably made mistakes there too – maybe event mistakes that risked human lives, but it was all done for the mission of defending the country," he stressed.


Galant, who has tried to keep his composure throughout the affair, admitted that having helicopters circle his house in the past few weeks made him feel uneasy.


"Seeing these helicopters above your house makes you feel as though you are being attacked; turned into the ultimate criminal.


"We were turned from a typical Israeli family that is part of society to people who are on the sidelines of society. Those who did this need to come forward and apologize," Galant concluded.



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