Residents greet Barak
Photo: Tsafrir Abayov
Barak with Danilovich
Photo: Tsafrir Abayov
Southern residents: Rockets to reach Tel Aviv
Defense Minister Barak hears grim predictions from angry residents in Beersheba

Defense Minister Ehud Barak visited Beersheba Thursday – a day after a Grad rocket directly hit the southern city.


Barak visited the houses that sustained damage and spoke with local residents, who warned him that Palestinian rockets will soon be reaching Tel Aviv.


During Barak's visit, some residents expressed their protest with signs reading "Tel Aviv – you are next." Others, including students Shani Cohen and Oshrat Adi, directed their message to the terror organization responsible for the attack and hung signs on their houses reading, "You broke the glass, but not us."


"There is a prolonged and constant battle along the Gaza Strip fence," Barak said, adding that the attack on Beersheba was a grave act and that the IDF is doing everything necessary to retaliate.


Responding to the residents' request to deploy the Iron Dome missile defense system sooner, Barak said that the system will begin operating as soon as the batteries are properly activated and the IDF is ready.


City resident Dov Hershkovitz turned to Barak and said, "We are here because we are worried for the future of our children and our city. It pains me – I am angry and frightened.


'Government must do its part' (Photo: Tsafrir Abayov)


"I am doing my part as a citizen – aside for paying taxes and protesting there is nothing I can do. The government must do its part and protect the civilians," he added.


Beersheba Mayor Ruvik Danilovich also tried to calm down residents, saying "we must not ignore this act; it makes no difference if it's Beersheba, Netivot or Sderot – the entire country is one united front.


"The grads could also reach Tel Aviv and there must be an immediate response and stern deterrence. We demand that the prime minister activates the Iron Dome system," he said. 


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