Protest in front of US embassy
Photo: EDK Communications

Tel Aviv: Hundreds protest Obama speech

Members of national Zionist movement say Obama's call for Israel to return to '67 borders is like asking Israelis to 'commit suicide'

While Barack Obama presented the mild version of his Mideast speech before a Jewish audience in Washington, hundreds of activists gathered across from the US embassy in Tel Aviv in protest of the American president's foreign policy.


Roughly 300 people took part in the demonstration, which was organized by My Israel, a national Zionist movement. They carried rope in their hands and around their necks, chanting: "Obama, Israel won't commit suicide." It was their response to the principles presented by Obama on Thursday, which lead to a reported rift between him and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


"It seems like Obama cannot differentiate between allies and enemies," said Rafi Trablesi, one of the movement's leaders. "I want to remind him that Israel is an ally of the United States, and that he should act like it."


Protesters in Tel Aviv (Photo: EDK communications)


'No one is willing to kill himself'

In a statement, the movement called for a protest against "The strange, unfounded demand made by the American president to give a state to Hamas, the organization that implicitly supported Osama bin Laden, who was assassinated recently by Obama's direct order."


The protest organizers claimed that Obama's demand for Israel to return to 1967 is like asking Israel to commit suicide.


"There are those among us who are willing to make concessions, and there are those who aren’t," they said. "No one is willing to kill himself."


Obama addressed the ties between Israel and the US in his speech before AIPAC on Sunday, using the opportunity to correct the impression he made in mentioning the border issue last week.


He said that both sides must negotiate and determine where the border will lie, taking into account "the changes that have taken place over the last 44 years, including the new demographic realities on the ground and the needs of both sides."



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