Ahmadinejad. Cares about balance of nature?
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Ahmadinejad: Capitalism bad for environment

Iranian president accuses West of disrupting balance of nature by intensifying excessive consumption, creating false demands to gain profit

Has the green revolution reached Terhan? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused western capitalism of destroying the environment on Thursday.



In a meeting with environment officials from the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO), Ahmadinejad said: “The main factor behind the destruction of the environment is the greed and the ceaseless avarice and insatiable hunger of the world's capitalists."


Dismissing claims that human progress and promotion of lifestyle is to blame for the world's environmental crises, he added: “The world's capitalists, through intensifying excessive consumption and even the creation of false demands with the aim of maximum profits, disrupt the balance of nature."


Iran, Turkey and Pakistan founded the ECO in 1985 and the organization now includes seven other states.


The Iranian president expressed hope that the ECO could pressure the world's major sources of pollutions to change their policies.


"The capitalist establishment and the world's major capitalists, the US in particular, only seek maximum profits and to further reduce the cost of their products, they built production lines that are not compatible with the environment," he said.


Ahamdinejad further added that two or three countries account for half of the world's pollution.




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