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Flotilla organizer pledges no violence

Israeli expat Dror Feiler addresses claims some activists intend to harm IDF soldiers, says participants signed nonviolence pledge, undergoing training for passive resistance

Organizers of the Gaza flotilla are blaming Israel for causing damage to the propeller of one of their ships anchored in Greece. "Maybe they wanted it to break down on the way and us stranded in the middle of the ocean," Israeli expat Dror Feiler said.


Feiler stressed that the ship's engines were checked and cleared a few days ago. "There were no witnesses. There are 100 ships in the marina and this is the only one that was damaged."



"I believe a complaint was filed with Greek police," he added.


Feiler rejected Israeli assessments that flotilla participants may target IDF soldiers. "It's a lie," he declared. "The activists are undergoing training for passive resistance. They all signed a non-violence paper and pledged not to kick, hit, curse, throw objects or jump overboard. We know our weapon is a non-violent struggle. If we use actual weapons, we'll lose."


He further added: "We won't respond with violence if there is no violence. We may lay on the floor, tie ourselves up but we won't use violence against the soldiers." The ex-Israeli stressed that the activists do not carry any tipe of weapon. "If the government of Israel knows of weapons onboard it should tell us and we'll remove them. If they have information about violent people – tell us who they are and we'll stop them participating."


Addressing claims of anti-Israel sentiments he said: "Obviously I care about the Palestinians, but not just them. They house the greatest concentration camp in the world, but I'm also worried about Israeli residents – a wall is being put around them and that also is a form of prison.


"As long as there are no equal rights for all the residents there will be war and hate and both peoples will suffer. My mother lives in a kibbutz near Tulkarem and there's a wall in front of her. Is that a way to live? She's 88 and coming with me on the flotilla."


According to Feiler, the flotilla ships are carrying 600 tons of cement, an ambulance, a school that needs assembling, 600 footballs, welding machines and parts for water purifications pumps.


"We come with cargo which threatens no one." He noted that the organizers have offered European countries to check the cargo.


Referring to easements in the blockade and the opening of the Rafah border crossing he said: "The crossings have opened slightly but it's not enough. It does not mean the flotilla is unnecessary, when things get bad the crossings will be closed again."



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