Official: Gaddafi's son al-Saadi flees to Niger
A convoy carrying ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's son al-Saadi has crossed into neighboring Niger, a spokesman for Niger's government said Sunday, the highest profile former regime figure to flee to the landlocked African nation.


Al-Saadi, the fugitive ruler's 37-year-old son, entered Niger in a convoy with nine other people, said Niger Justice Minister Amadou Morou. "I wish to announce that one of Gaddafi's sons, al-Saadi Gaddafi, was intercepted in the north of Niger by a patrol of the Nigerien military," Morou told reporters late Sunday. Morou said that al-Saadi "has no status at all" in Niger, indicating that he has not been granted refugee status, which is guarantees certain rights. (AP)