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Photo: Yariv Katz

Israel is not alone

Op-ed: So-called global de-legitimization campaign against Israel no longer dominant

Israelis were the first ones of all people to raise the de-legitimization argument: Israel would turn into the new South Africa as result of its isolation in the Western world, they said. They inflated this claim, which almost turned into a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, there was never much substance to this argument, and even if there was, it was curbed in the past year.


The spearhead of de-legitimization, Judge Goldstone, virtually retracted the terrible report he wrote. He realized that he was deceived. His change of heart affected international institutions.


Israel also won the battle at the Palmer Committee in respect to the legality of the Gaza blockade. A year ago, the Turkish flotilla to Gaza was perceived in the world as a human rights affair. This year it was received in the West as illegal intervention and a violent provocation.


The Palestinian approach to the Security Council and General Assembly has also been curbed for the time being. Not only has an American veto been secured, at this time the Palestinians don’t have the required Security Council majority for their bid. A few months ago such achievements seemed unreal.


Why did it happen? Because we are not talking about the establishment of a Palestinian state. Israel has agreed to it. We are now talking about the conditions for establishing such state, and here the Palestinians went back to their rejectionist role. A world premised on dialogues and talks is unwilling to accept a unilateral Palestinian dictate that has no peace, no recognition and no security.


Recently, a law that allowed for the indictment of senior Israeli officials in Britain was annulled. After a similar law was annulled in Belgium, it is clear that such legislation was misused to target Israel.


Last month, the United Nations marked the 10-year anniversary of the anti-Semitic Durban conference. All progressive states boycotted the event and harshly condemned it. Those who aimed to present Israel as racist are themselves being portrayed as anti-Semitic and racist.


The same is true for the leaders who take pleasure in anti-Israel rhetoric, Ahmadinejad and Erodgan. With great talent, Erdogan has been takingTurkey down to the status of a Third World country that cannot be trusted. Those who try to isolate Israel end up isolating themselves.


Mood on campuses changing

Australia currently heads the states that decided to put an end to the racism festival. After an emotional debate in parliament, officials decided to make all protests and boycotts against Israeli businesses a criminal offense. Minister for Consumer Affairs Michael O’Brien said that “To think you are going to influence the policies of the government of Israel by attacking a business running in this state is just appalling.”


Elsewhere, several Arab protesters who started to scream during an Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra concert in London, about a month ago, were removed from the concert hall while the crowd was yelling “out!” The Palestinians have not done such service for the democratic, Western, culture-loving Israel for many years. Western public opinion is starting to be fed up with them. Here is a new branding idea: Israel is culture, while its objectors are anti-culture.


The change is already being felt in campuses worldwide. Dozens of Jewish and Israeli groups are being set up. They present the Israeli case and enjoy positive resonance. The universities are no longer reckless, as used to be the case in the past, even though some of them are still dominated by confused liberal discourse. Here’s an example of this change: Columbia University, which last year received Ahmadinejad with great honor, forbade him from visiting this year. This is a precedent that shall affect other global academic institutions.


Meanwhile, lawsuits are being filed at this time against international or foreign institutions that moved closer to Arab terrorists –Columbia University was threatened with such lawsuit too. When dealing with money, the institutions take a step back.


Indeed, the prevalent feeling up until a few years ago, that everything is permitted in the battle against Israel, is no longer dominant.




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