'We don't want war.' Olmert
Photo: Eli Elgarat

Germany: Iranians, Palestinians protest against Olmert

Group chants anti-Israel slogans as former PM speaks to Bochum Jews about Iranian nuclear threat

A group of Palestinians and Iranians protested on Thursday against former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as he was speaking to members of the Jewish community at a synagogue in Bochum, Germany.


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German authorities informed Israeli officials of the demonstration in advance, and security around Olmert and his audience was tightened. Israeli bodyguards and German police officers were alerted to the scene, and the dozens of protesters were moved to a different location, where they continued to chant slogans against Olmert and Israel.


Addressing the Iranian nuclear threat, the former PM said it was not prudent to "declare war in advance. Those who do so must do it quietly and without any unnecessary statements, which do nothing but heighten tensions.


"Nobody in Israel wants war. However, this threat is serious and must not be ignored. (The Iranian nuclear program) threatens not only Israel, but the entire Middle East – which may find itself in a nuclear arms race – as well as Europe, the US and global stability, because nuclear weapons can, god forbid, make their way from Iran to a terror group in a short period of time," he added.


Olmert said that the international community, led by the US, Europe and Russia, has the means to curtail Iran's nuclear ambitions. "It depends on the sanctions – their severity and duration – and the determination of these countries. Israel cannot lead this initiative, but it can join in.


"These countries realize that major sanctions that would halt Iran's nuclear program are preferable to any violent act of war," he added.



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