Trying to solve problem of homeless dogs (archives)
Photo: Sharon Zur
MK Eitan Cabel

Government to help abandoned dogs

Ministers advancing bill which aims to encourage dog owners to have their pets neutered

The government is advancing a private bill initiated by Knesset Member Eitan Cabel (Labor), which aims to encourage dog owners to have their pets neutered.


Owners of dogs who have not been neutered will be forced to pay another NIS 700 (about $185) as part of their license fee.


MK Cabel explains that some 100,000 dogs are abandoned in Israel every year. Some are killed in accident or die from diseases, while most of them are put to sleep by the authorities. He says one of the problems is finding families to adopt these dogs.


"The most efficient and humane way to solve the problem of the growing number of homeless dogs is by reducing dogs' natural reproduction. This can be done through a simple and cheap operation which carries almost no risk to the pet's health," says Cabel.


"This operation has additional advantages like maintaining the dogs' health. The bill is aimed at reducing dog reproduction as much as possible, so that we can care for the hundreds of thousands of dogs living in Israel today."



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