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AG: Attacks on Lador endanger rule of law

Yehuda Weinstein warns overly-harsh, personal criticism of state prosecutor following Olmert verdict cannot be tolerated

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein warned Wednesday that the personal attacks against State Prosecutor Moshe Lador, which have become stridently loud since the State lost its main criminal case against former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, was dangerous.


The State Prosecutor's Office drew unprecedented fire following Olmert's acquittal of corruption charges, with many demanding Lador step down immediately.


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In a letter circulated within the State Prosecutor's Office, the AG stated that "An authority tasked with upholding law and order is tested by its ability to listen to criticism and use it to better itself.


"But we are not blind to the dangers of the uninhibited, personal rebuking of attorneys who are carrying out their duties with unwavering integrity and professionalism."


A champion for the rule of law. Lador (Photo: Gil Yohanan)


"The state prosecutor did so, and so did the other attorneys involved in this case," Weinstein continued. "Such personal attacks pose a danger to prosecutorial independence – a principle vital to the rule of law – and that cannot be allowed to happen."


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The AG further backed Lador's statement that the case against Olmert was "reasonable and legally sound," adding that "The tools of our trade are the law and our professional conscience. They alone guide us and we will not deviate from them.


"Court rulings acquit as they convict and we study all of them accordingly. We do not relish in convictions and the personal attacks against attorneys following acquittals, be they partial or full, will not deter us in the fight for Israel's character as a nation of law.


"Today, like any other day, we should all be proud of being a part of the State Prosecutor's Office," he concluded.


'Ruling irrelevant to Holyland case'

Earlier, Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino urged the legal system to "study the lessons of the Olmert exoneration and take them to heart."


The verdict rendered in the former PM's case "Is a testament to the strength of the system of law enforcement," he said, adding that "Undue and dangerous tongue-lashing that may undermine the State Prosecutor's Office – and the man heading it – should be avoided.


"Moshe Lador is a devoted attorney with an impressive career and a champion for the rule of law," he added. "I'm sure the Judiciary will study this verdict and keep on leading the fight against public corruption without bias, as the police do."


Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry said that the State's position in the Holyland case against Olmert, which is still pending, will not change following his recent exoneration.


The statement, which contradicts an earlier one saying that the case may be reviewed again, said that "other than the regular updates and reviews in the case, which are customary to any pending case, nothing has changed. The verdict rendered in Tuesday is irrelevant to the Holyland case."



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