Alexander. 'Obama is very pro-Israel'
Photo: Gil Yohanan

Jason Alexander urges 'old Jews' to vote Obama

Actor best known as George Costanza on 'Seinfeld' is campaigning for president across US

Jason Alexander, best known as George Costanza on "Seinfeld", has been traveling the United States, specifically stopping in swing states to campaign for President Obama’s re-election.


Last Wednesday, he stopped in Tallahassee to speak at Florida State University, before heading over to Gainesville.


“And, then over the weekend, I do the Miami and Broward area as well. And, I’m going to talk to the old Jews. Some of them think (Obama) is not pro-Israel. He’s very pro-Israel. I have to bring them over from the other side,” he told the laughing crowd.


Alexander stresses to the university students how important it was to vote immediately, and to vote for Obama.


“Do take advantage of the vote now in Florida. Go to where you can get an absentee ballot. Do it early! Why? So that on Election Day you can actually help volunteer and get other people to the polls. You don’t want anything to go wrong on Election Day.


"In the last election, in the one that we won big, there were basically a combination of five million votes and voters that were basically thrown away. Five million votes because the other side is actively trying to get rid of them… So we need a huge turnout in order to make sure that no matter how funky they play with the rules, we still have the numbers to prevail.”


In his speech, Alexander also pointed out that Mitt Romney’s policies might affect student loans and could lead today’s students to owe a substantial amount down the road.


Alexander joins a number of other celebrity Obama supporters, including Eva Longoria, Sarah Silverman, and Scarlett Johansson.


Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life



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