Ilan Malka
Photo: Shai Skif, Bamahane
Tal Hermoni
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Moti Almoz
Photo: Mor Gal, Bamahane
Commander cleared in Cast Lead probe promoted
New round of appointments in IDF top brass sees Col. Ilan Malka appointed Central Command's chief of staff

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz decided on a line of appointments in the army's top brass on Monday.


The most prominent appointment is that of former Givati Brigade commander, Colonel Ilan Malka, who will receive the rank of brigadier general and appointed the Central Command's chief of staff – effectively the deputy of the Central Command's commander.


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The appointment is seen as a vote of confidence in Malka who had been cleared of any wrongdoing in the investigation into the deaths of 21 members of the al-Samouni family during an IDF strike on Gaza's Zeitoun neighborhood during Operation Cast Lead.


The Military Prosecution had decided to close the case after "the investigation completely disproved any claim about deliberate harm to civilians, as well as haste and recklessness about possible harm to civilians, or criminal negligence."


Malka had approved the airstrike on the structure in which the Samouni family was staying and was interrogated under warning.


As part of the round of nominations, Colonel Udi Ben-Mucha will be appointed Southern Command chief of staff, Brigadier-General Golan Meimon will be named commander of the Military Police Corps and Colonel Tal Hermoni will be appointed the Ground Forces' attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington.


In addition, Brigadier-General Moti Almoz will be appointed Chief Education Officer. Other appointments were noted in the Paratroopers' Brigade, the Kfir Brigade and the Givati Brigade.




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