Hanin Zoabi
Photo: Hassan Shaalan

Zoabi, leave the Knesset

Op-ed: MK supported her brothers in Palestine instead of promoting interests of Arab-Israeli population

You had it in your hands, Hanin. You were given on a silver platter the best opportunity to make history and become the first Arab woman to succeed in doing what no Arab man has done before. You could have created the new Arab, who is not willing to give up on his principles, does not forget the injustices caused to his people, but also understands that dialogue must be the starting point for both sides.


You are an educated woman who taught at Israeli academic institutions; you served as a supervisor in the Education Ministry and you were the first Arab woman to serve in the Knesset as a representative of an Arab party. Your Hebrew and appearance are true assets that could have brought us and our neighbors some peace. Israel's Arabs need you and others like you. Even more so, they are worthy of a leader who will make them an integral part of Israeli society.


You had it in your hands, Hanin, but you chose to care for your brothers in Palestine first; you preferred to challenge the sovereignty of the country in which you live; you chose violence over dialogue. Instead of lowering the scorching flames, you fanned them time and time again; instead of mediating between the Marmara passengers and the Israeli government, you preferred to side with those who attacked IDF soldiers with clubs and sticks. You enthusiastically supported the theorist who views Zionism as racism, and you repeatedly benefited from the miserable Palestinian street, which is becoming more and more extreme.


Zoabi on the Gaza-bound Marmara ship (archives)

Zoabi on the Gaza-bound Marmara ship (archives)


You had it in your hands, Hanin. As a Knesset member you were granted the right to use the machine of democracy to enact laws that would improve the situation of the Arab population in Israel. You could have woven great dreams for your brothers and formulated plans to help the weak, who sent you to the Knesset to make their lives better. You could have laid the foundation on which the future peace would be built.


If you have any sense of decency, which you demand from the other side, don't fight for your right to sit in the parliament of the Jewish state. Give up your Knesset seat to someone who will use it to make things better.



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