Photo: Daniel Frank
'Daniel is very sad.' Protest outside education minister's home
Photo: Daniel Frank
8-year-old boy deported to Poland
Daniel Michalik was born in Israel, but restraining order issued against his mother leads to their deportation. 'He keeps asking me if we'll return to Israel and I don't know what to tell him,' mother says
Eight-year-old Daniel Michalik and his mother Anna were deported from Israel to Poland on Tuesday morning following a Supreme Court ruling handed down last week.


The decision was made although the legal proceedings in the case have yet to be completed.


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The mother told Ynet after arriving in Poland, "Daniel knows where he is now that we have arrived at my mother's house in Poland, but he has been very sad since the morning and keeps asking me if we'll return to Israel. I don't know what to tell him."


The mother, a Polish national, arrived in Israel in 1989. Her eight-year-old son was born in the Jewish state and had never left the country before the deportation.


The Jerusalem District Court ruled in August 2011 that the mother and her son must be deported due to the child's dependence on his mother and the fact that he has no contact with his Israeli father.


The mother petitioned the Supreme Court and asked that the deportation be postponed, but Justice Yoram Danziger ruled that the appeal process could continue while the two were abroad.

ניסיון אחרון למנוע את הגירוש. ההפגנה מול בית השר סער, אמש (צילום: דניאל פרנק)

Protesting deportation (Photo: Daniel Frank)


After the Supreme Court delivered its ruling, the mother and her son were transferred to Ben-Gurion Airport's detention facility ahead of their deportation.


Attorney Rami Yuval, representing the two, said that "this is a case in which an Israeli national is removed from Israel due to a restraining order issued against his mother."


"I just want Daniel to grow up in Israel," the mother said with tears in her eyes. "I'm not asking for anything else."


A protest was held Tuesday evening outside the home of Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar in a last-ditch effort to stop the deportation.


The father of a boy who studied with Daniel said, "My son grew up with him for as long as I can remember, and I'm afraid that we may have woken up too late." The father is part of a group fighting the deportation decision together with lawyers and politicians.


The Population and Immigration Authority issued the following statement in response: "The mother infiltrated Israel three times and gave birth to a son in Israel to an Israeli refusing to recognize the child. Under the law, she is supposed to leave the country.


"The Supreme Court ruled twice that she must leave the country together with her son. We always respect the court's decision, even when some people don’t like it. The State's stand is that a child does not grant his parents a status."




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