Ephraim Spatial Brigade base
Photo: Ohad Zwigenberg
Uniformed rightists urge IDF disobedience
New videos by right-wing group call on soldiers, teens to actively hinder any military operation involving settlement eviction
Several videos have surfaced online recently, showing right-wing activists – some of them uniformed soldiers – urging their comrades to disobey orders, Ynet learned Wednesday. 


The soldiers appearing in the videos state that they will refuse to follow orders pertaining to the eviction of West Bank settlements and engage settlers who riot; and even go as far as saying that they will hinder IDF operations to that effect.


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In one of the videos a soldier named Yochai Maayan, who deserted his unit following the eviction of an illegal West Bank outpost near Yitzhar, says: "When I joined the IDF I was sure the military knows how to defeat the Arab enemy."


Referring to a recent video that shows soldiers flee from a Palestinian mob, he said: "The soldiers were not running because they ran out of ammunition – but because the orders tell them not to fight back. When I'm there I won't obey such orders. When I'm there, the Arabs will be the ones running away. And when I catch them, we won't be able to run anymore."



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Another video shows two teenagers, who say they are about to enlist in the IDF. The two were filmed outside the Ephraim Spatial Brigade base in the West Bank, which was vandalized by settlers in retaliation for the eviction of a nearby illegal outpost.


The two stated that "next time" there won't be a need to break into the base, since they intend to join the forces stationed there and "thwart the outposts' eviction from the inside."


Several other videos circulated this week show soldiers – some holding the controversial "King's Torah" essay – urging others in the military to disobey orders.


One of them states that "When I get to the border I won't be paying attention to any of the BS the commanders say," adding he will "target the enemy in order to prevent some any Syrian or Sudanese from coming to the border."


The videos are the work of the "Enlisting Faith" organization, whose mission is to convince teens who join the military to disregard their orders in favor of the law of the Torah.


The organization's activists visit high schools and even the IDF's Induction Base to try and convince teenagers to "join the cause."


The material they give teens calls on them to vandalize military vehicles if they may be used in settlement eviction. They even offer a "how to" guide to that effect.


The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the military "Strongly condemns any case of disobedience and takes action in any such incidents. Specific incidents are dealt with on a case-by-case basis."



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