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Bus companies put breaks on Kadima

Party claims Egged, Dan bus companies refuse to post its campaign posters on their buses unless it replaces words 'yeshiva students' with 'those who don't serve in the army'

The Kadima party claimed on Thursday that the Egged and Dan bus companies have refused to advertise their election campaign signs featuring slogans for equal share of the burden.


The signs state that Israel Defense Forces soldiers receive only NIS 350 (about $95) a month while yeshiva students receive NIS 3,400 (about $905) and "pay soldiers like yeshiva students."


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According to Kadima, the two bus companies refused to advertise the signs as they demanded that the words "yeshiva students" be switched by others.


The party says that the bus companies suggested an alternative that reads "those who don't serve in the army."


"The bus companies have come out against IDF soldiers who bear the burden and endanger their lives on a daily basis for Israel's security," a statement by Kadima said.


"These companies take soldiers to their bases and back home. This constitutes a basis for a handsome profit made by their owners and now they are choosing to censor, for reasons warranting clarification, a national and idealistic message calling to compare the conditions of the serving soldiers who make a meager salary of NIS 350 (about $95) a month to the yeshiva students, who enjoy a salary of NIS 3,400 (about $905)."


The party says that they demand to launch their campaign immediately like the other parties.


Kadima has warned that if Egged and Dan do not retract, the party will turn to the Knesset's Central Elections Committee and ask it to remove the other parties' signs from the buses in order to maintain equal advertising.


On Wednesday night, Kadima launched a campaign with two additional messages: "Until there is an equal share of the burden, at least let there be monetary equality" and "Mofaz is strong in security. He's one of us."


The Dan bus company said in response, "We referred the matter to our legal department in order to make a fundamental decision on what is permitted and what is not.


"The pre-election atmosphere is likely to overflow and we service a heterogeneous public. We will safeguard democracy and our clientele as well. Kadima can relax. Whatever is permitted to others, will be permitted to them as well."


Egged spokesman Ron Ratner said in response, "Egged does not intend to allow various parties to use buses as a negative advertising platform; liable to cause resentment and discomfort to the users of its services.


"Kadima has the option of advertising a positive campaign, which emphasizes the party's advantages on the issues of security, as it requested and affirmatively responded to."



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