Yacimovich, Lapid: Livni's invitation was desperate trick

Shelly Yacimovich and Yair Lapid accused Tzipi Livni on Monday of misrepresenting the conclusions reached in a meeting between the three politicians.


"Unlike what was agreed upon before and after last night's meeting, Tzipi Livni chose to present a false version of what had transpired

during the gathering," Yacimovich and Lapid said in a statement. "We convened out of mutual respect, even though we have many disagreements over ideology. We were shocked to learn that we were nothing but a backdrop for (Livni's) calculated spin, which didn't contain the faintest hint of truth. It has become evident that the invitation to meet was a trick though up by Livni, who is desperate." (Yuval Karni and Moran Azulay)