Tel Aviv streets closed for Purim block party

Traffic complications are expected in Tel Aviv from 12:00 – 16:30 Friday, due to the city’s Purim street celebration, which will take place at Beit Ariel and on Shaul Hamelech Boulevard.


The following streets will also be closed:
  • Shaul Hamelech Boulevard from Namir Road to Ibn Gvirol in both directions
  • Kaplan Street going west from Menachem Begin Road to Ibn Gvirol
  • Leonardo DaVinci Street from Kaplan to Shaul Hamelech Boulevard in both directions
  • Berkowitz Street from Weizman to David Hamelech Boulevard
  • Dovnov Street from David Hamelech Boulevard to Kaplan Street
  • Weizman street from David Hamelech Boulevard to Shaul Hamelech Boulevard, in both directions. (Gilad Morag)