Peres eulogizes Sharon: Arik was a friend, leader and general

President Shimon Peres eulogized former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon as a "friend, leader and general. We're departing fron you today. You were a shoulder that the nation's security could rest upon on."


Peres also said that Sharon's life was interwoven in the history of the State and that he dedicated his life to the country.


"Arik was a man of the land, and he protected this land like a lion, and he became a military legend in his lifetime," he said.


Peres said Sharon was always able to drive away dangers but never pushed off decisions.


"You made decisions and you came out victorious," he said. "Our great leader, rest in peace. The land from whence you came will embrace you in its great and warm arms of the history of our people."


(Attila Somfalvi and Moran Azulay)