Private Egypt TV airs video of journalists' arrest

A private Egyptian TV channel has aired video of the arrest in late December of two Al-Jazeera journalists at a Nile-side Cairo hotel.


The nearly 22-minute clip, likely made with a mobile phone, was broadcast late Sunday on Al-Tahrir television.


The footage shows Al-Jazeera's acting Cairo bureau chief, Mohammed Fahmy, a Canadian-Egyptian, and Australia's award-winning correspondent
Peter Greste being asked questions at a hotel suite used as an office by the Qatari-based network.


The final shot shows the two being led into a van outside the hotel. A third Al-Jazeera employee known to have been arrested with them does not appear in the video. The three are among 20 Al-Jazeera journalists facing trial for joining or aiding a terrorist group. No date has been set for the trial. (AP)