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John Kerry. 'Went to world leaders and incited against Israel'
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American mediators out of touch with reality

Op-ed: Left without a single Arab regime it is close to today, US is taking its anger out on Israel.

The majority of the Israeli public has lost its faith in the Americans who brokered the peace negotiations with the Palestinians. From the very beginning it was an unrealistic, and therefore dangerous, initiative: We are not in the 1980s or 1990s, with strong Arab regimes, but in the midst of a storm in the Middle East as part of which national regimes are fighting for their lives, and another Arab country could have turned within a short period of time into a front base for al-Qaeda.



Aren't those Americans looking around? Are they stuck inside a time capsule? The "two state for two people" idea could have been suitable before the jihadist Arab collapse around us, but now the situation is different.


The mediators' personality was one of the great contributors to the collapse of the faith in them in Israel. One of them gave an anonymous interview to Yedioth Ahronoth and revealed his deep animosity towards the Jewish state: His remarks left the impression that his intention was to push for the establishment of another Arab state at all costs, despite the Salafi outbreak, despite the outrageous agreement with Hamas and the Islamic Jihad and despite Mahmoud Abbas' negative automatism.


After all, the Palestinian Authority chairman has always said "no," and in fact returned to the "three nays" of the Khartoum Resolution: No negotiations with Israel, no recognition and no peace. This is in fact a multi-stage plan: Taking over territory, and continuing the war from there against what is left from Israel under improved conditions.


And nonetheless, the American mediator blames Israel, which is defending itself alone against a Middle East which is more hostile than ever.


Even the chief mediator, John Kerry, is almost completely out of touch with the international reality. This is the way he conducted himself with Syria, with Egypt, with Libya, with Ukraine, with Saudi Arabia, with Iran – he has no problem that the Islamic Republic will continue enriching uranium as part of a permanent agreement as well – and in a variety of other cases.


Kerry is the one who spread the claim that the status quo here cannot continue – although it is the most stable status-quo in the Middle East – and when he saw that his assessment was not fulfilling itself, he went to world leaders and incited against Israel.


The United States is left without a single Arab regime it is close to today, and it is therefore taking its anger out on Israel.


There is a public in Israel which expects the Americans to stand unconditionally by Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East, based on the same values of freedom and justice – and not try to impose moves which will lead to its destruction. And if this is what happens in practice, and Israel's leaders are afraid to say it openly – the public volunteers to do.


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