Police mull probe into Sheetrit sexual harassment claims
A day after Israeli media claimed Hatnua MK Meir Sheetrit paid off a former maid whom he had sexually harassed, police said Thursday that they may have no choice but to ask for the reported compensation agreement.


Officials also said that the head of the Police Investigations Department, Brigadier General Manny Yitzhaki, will also seek further investigation into the reports. 


According to the report by Channel 10 on Wednesday night, the maid threatened to sue Sheetrit for sexual harassment, and several days later the MK contacted an attorney who quickly struck an agreement with the maid, paying her 270,000 shekels in exchange for her dropping all claims against Sheetrit.


Sheetrit was a surprise runner-up in Tuesday's ballot for the next president, losing to Reuven Rivlin in the second round of voting. (Eli Senyor)