ISIS fighter in Iraq. 'Israel must be prepared'

Israel needs massive fence on eastern border

Op-ed: As ISIS fighters approach Jordan, breached border poses an imminent threat to Israel.

The ISIS leaders have blown their horn ("nafir") in regards to Jordan. This is a religious term adopted by this organization, which means that its next target, after the collapse of Syria and Iraq, is the Hashemite Kingdom.



These days they are already choking it out from the direction of the two dead countries: The black al-Qaeda flags are displayed over the border crossing between Jordan and Iraq, and there is also a large presence of ISIS men from the breached territories which were once called Syria.


The borders between Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan are being erased under the feet of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant organization – and what was true in the past 100 years is no longer valid.


The ISIS has many supporters in Jordan – in the south; in the leadership of the Bedouin town of Ma'an, which is already under a siege of the Jordanian security forces following mass rallies in support of the organization; and in the north, where there are many Salafis among the Palestinian population.


In a vide message this month, senior ISIS members called on soldiers in the Jordanian army, police and security organizations not to fight them, but to join the Salafi revolt. Moreover, they threatened that anyone fighting them would be brutally destroyed.


"We defeated America in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in the rest of the states of Islam, and we are on our way to Jordan," they declared. "If we managed to beat America, we will also beat its heretic supporters."


ISIS members refer to the Jordanian king as "taghut," the instigating Satan, and their clear goal is to remove his regime. The key question is whether the leaders of the kingdom's Bedouin tribes will support Abdullah, who they are not so fond of for many reasons, for example due to his support for the United States.


The ISIS is working to convince them to abandon the king, following its success among the leaders of Iraq's Sunni tribes. The organization's goal is that the Jordanian army will not fight it, just like most of the Iraqi army deserted the battlefield for tribal and communal reasons.


All this means that the trouble is approaching Jordan, which is surrounded by a radical Islamic storm. This is the state which was established by the Brits in a bid to eat into the territories of the promised Jewish state, and the ISIS reiterates that there is no such thing as Jordan and there never was. As far as the organization is concerned, Jordan should be part of the huge Islamic caliphate it seeks to establish in the entire region.


Our border with the Hashemite Kingdom is the longest, and is in fact the only one which is breached. The illusions of "peace" have led many people in Israel to believe that the state of calm from that direction will remain forever, just like the regime there will remain forever. But if we take a look at much stronger countries which have collapsed, we'll understand that Jordan is in trouble.


Just like we are distancing ourselves from the communal fire raging in Syria, we must do the same in regards to what could happen in Jordan. The time to build a massive security fence on the eastern border, like the one with Sinai, was yesterday – but it's not too late. We must start building it from the south and north simultaneously due to the expected threat: Refugees, terror, weapons, Salafis and subversion. Our unshut border with Jordan is now turning into a threat.


This also demonstrates the extent of the existential risk in US Secretary of State John Kerry's demand that we hand the Jordan Valley over to Arab hands. This means that the ISIS would have quickly reached that area too, and then Judea and Samaria, and then central Israel would have ceased to exist.


In light of the imminent threat, we must do the exact opposite of what the secretary of state demanded: Shut the border with Jordan with a fence in the Jordan Valley as well, set up a series of military Nahal communities and take control of the area as security precautions. Clearly, we must strengthen the settlement there, as well as in the Arava region and Beit Shean Valley.


The Arab Spring has turned out to be a jihadist spring of the Middle Ages, which is removing countries, regimes and borders. We must be prepared.


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