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'Kerry thanks Abbas for condemning terror, without realizing Abbas is mocking him'
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The Arafat era is back
Op-ed: PA has returned to the days of pretend condemnation statements, doublespeak and encouragement of terror. Israel must deal with this situation just like it dealt with it then.
It's incitement, senior police officials explain. It's incitement, senior defense establishment officials respond. It's incitement, ministers declaim, thereby letting themselves off the hook.



Once again, Israel's governmental system is responding rather than initiating, defending itself rather than attacking, explaining rather than acting, as if it is made up of commentators rather than of people who are supposed to shape the situation.


It's as if we are on the weak side, as if we are guests, rather than the controlling and sovereign side in our capital. Praying that perhaps the events will be "contained" and pass.


We are no longer talking about "deterrence." We have completely forgotten to talk about "tilting the balance." The security people on the ground are very well aware of how they should act, but the instructions are failing to arrive from above.


And so, for internal Palestinian reasons – the eternal hostility between Fatah and Hamas, which is reaching new heights – the two movements are finding it convenient to direct the attention here and in globally towards Jerusalem, which is under Israeli sovereignty. That way, they are also bringing their issue to the world's attention again, without paying any price, as Area A is calm and so is the Gaza Strip.


This intolerable situation must end. Both the Palestinian Authority, which has become a terror authority, and Hamas, which is a terror organization, have to start paying a price. If there is no calm in Jerusalem, there will be no clam in Ramallah and Gaza either.


Israel is supporting and feeding these invented entities. It's time to restrict the entry of goods and reduce the number of laborers arriving in Israel, bring back the roadblocks and dissect the area in terms of government. Shut down propaganda means or limit them, as well as the freedom of movements on the routes.


Yasser Arafat is back, and just like with dealt with this entity during the Arafat era, we need to deal with it now.


US Secretary of State John Kerry is asking PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to condemn terror. Abbas releases a sort of euphemistic statement through his spokespeople, and Kerry calls to thank him, without realizing that he is mocking him and the truce agreements he formed in Amman.


We are back to the days of Arafat and his pretend condemnation statements, the doublespeak and the encouragement of terror. In the 1990s and 2000s it took Israel's security elite a few years to realize the change in the situation, and that is exactly what is happening now. It might be a good idea to replace some few people at the top.


Israel's Arabs should also realize that rioting carries a price. There is no reason for villages like Jabel Mukaber to be part of Israel's capital, with all the huge financial benefits it involves. Villages which were mistakenly annexed will become part of the Judea and Samaria territories without a problem. The people who live there are anyway residents, not citizens.


In the meantime, the identity card of an Israeli resident will be different from the identity card of an Israeli citizen, and that will apply to non-Arab residents as well. The fate of a citizen is not the same as the fate of temporary resident. The situation in which they have the best of both words must end.


The dreamers and delusionists must realize that the more Israel thrives and prospers, the more the Arab hostility will grow, and this will also be the situation in 100 years from now, even at the cost of a self Arab collapse every now and then.


The only trick to break this prosperity, and the strong Jewish existence here, is the "Palestinian state." Reaching an independent offensive-territory, taking in two to three million jihadists from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, and then defeating Israel. Only a naïve, stupid or funded person is incapable of understanding that.


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