Hillary Clinton confidante reported Netanyahu’s ‘disparagement’

E-mail reveals that Sid Blumenthal notified Clinton of a report of “relentless disparagement” by Israeli prime minister, who allegedly said that “if we can’t sleep, Hillary is not going to sleep” when she was secretary of state – but Blumenthal adds that it’s “not exactly news”.

An aide to Hillary Clinton reported in 2010 that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had spoken disrespectfully of the then-US secretary of state in a closed door meeting, according to an e-mail released on Monday.



Netanyahu allegedly said that “if we can’t sleep, hillary is not going to sleep” while asking his audience to pressure the US to be more aggressive towards Iran.


Then-US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Archive photo: Moshe Milner/GPO)
Then-US secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Archive photo: Moshe Milner/GPO)


Clinton confidant and journalist Sid Blumenthal sent the e-mail on March 28, 2010 with the subject line “RE: Netanyahu”. Blumenthal has a long history of working with the Clintons, having worked as a paid advisor to Bill Clinton during his presidency and frequently advising Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state, despite not working at the State Department.


The report Blumenthal passed on was third-hand – that is, he forwarded an e-mail from a former State Department employee who claimed that Netanyahu’s comments during an AIPAC conference had been leaked to him. The alleged former employee’s name was redacted from the e-mail.


“You may recall my friend (redacted),” Blumenthal wrote, adding that the person in question had worked in the State Department for 30 years, including in a specific role, which was also redacted. “He sent me the email below from a friend who was in charge of serving the head table at the AIPAC dinner and related the conversation he overheard because he was disturbed by it. I spoke with (redacted) about this and he says his friend, who often is the person in charge of high level events ad is highly discrete (sic), was genuinely shocked by the relentless disparagement of you by Netanyahu to those at the head table. Not exactly news, but here it is.”


The forwarded e-mail also includes redactions. It reads: “Fyi friend is (redacted). Served netanyahu and table. Was appalled. Netanyahu said ‘if we cant (sic) sleep, hillary is not going to sleep.' others were very disparaging of her. Netanyahu was encouraging them to pressure the administration to take out iran nuclear. My friend said besides the millions spent in the meeting, it reminded him of a party rally. (Redacted) He found the whole thing very disturbing.”


Another Clinton e-mail released recently also implied a tense relationship with Netanyahu.


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