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The world according to Bibi

Op-ed: As Israel grows increasingly boxed in, radical Islam mounts and Europe grows more helpless, Netanyahu must rearrange the puzzle pieces of our alliances.

1. As the song goes, one day, a man gets up and feels that he is a people, and he starts walking. However, in this case, he has nowhere to go. Soon, the State of Israel will be completely closed in on all sides by fences and minefields. In this reality, the Israeli prime minister has no choice but to try to dismantle the old world and construct a new one. To transfer alliances from that world and establish new ones.



From above, this seems to be what Netanyahu has been attempting to do recently: take the puzzle apart and try to assemble it anew according to his way and spirit. He has self confidence, and, in his opinion, he will succeed.


2. Radical, fundamentalist Islam is wreaking havoc on large parts of the world (the Middle East, Western Europe, Africa) and is entrenched. The millions from the Middle East who have stepped foot on European soil will not move from there, and it's possible that millions more will follow them. It must be said that Europe is in the process of being occupation.


Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters) (Photo: Reuters)
Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters)


3. This terrified and helpless Europe is calling for help, but the world—like the three famous monkeys—doesn't see, doesn't hear, doesn't speak. There are those who turn to Jerusalem, not for prayer, but rather for advice and a remedy. But Jerusalem doesn't have a panacea, just a platitude: We told you so. Many want advice and help from us in counter-terrorism matters, but nobody in official Israel guarantees solutions, and hundreds of thousands are fighting over the few solutions that do exist in the market to sell them for a lot of money.


ISIS protest in Brussels (Photo: MCT) (Photo: MCT)
ISIS protest in Brussels (Photo: MCT)


4. The United States is losing its standing as Empire no. 1 in the Middle East (and in the world) due to Obama's policies. Everyone feels like a flock without a shepherd. However, security relations between Israel and America are flourishing, and the weapons and intelligence that we receive are superb. We are in an interim period, and we'll apparently have to wait for the next president.


5. Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are quaking with fear before the rising strength of radical Islam, and they see Israel as a pillar in the war against it. There are some in those countries who say, "If we don't have the American gorilla behind us, then we'll turn to the Israeli chimpanzee." The less said about this, the better.


6. Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are falling apart, smashed and shaky. They want to get back to being organized countries, but they can't. Apparently, other countries will arise in their place in the future.


ISIS fighters (Photo: AP) (Photo: AP)
ISIS fighters (Photo: AP)


7. Africa: A group of dozens of countries say that they have been neglected by successive Israeli governments. The objective of the next government and its prime minister is to convert those states; that is, to get them back to supporting Israel in light of their great fear of various terrorist organizations like Boko Haram and ISIS.


8. South America: Ditto.


Iranian nuclear site
Iranian nuclear site


9. Iran is still our most dangerous enemy. The Islamic Republic is fueling terrorist organizations, strengthening them and providing them with modern weapons. After the nuclear agreement expires, it's likely to get the bomb, and the western world, including Israel, is preparing for this horrible possibility. The saying from the psalm, "the guardian of Israel will neither slumber nor sleep," is even more correct than usual as regards Iran.


EU and Iranian leaders celebrating end of Iran sanctions (Photo: EPA) (Photo: EPA)
EU and Iranian leaders celebrating end of Iran sanctions (Photo: EPA)


10. The territories: Netanyahu doesn't believe, apparently, in the possibility of living together in one, bi-national state. He may be willing to allow the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel, provided one condition that he doesn't intend to compromise on: security.


His limits for a Palestinian state require, apparently, that the "large blocs" remain under Israeli control. He learned the bitter lesson from the Gaza withdrawal and wouldn't make a unilateral agreement. And since, in his opinion, there is currently no chance of a mutual agreement, we are condemned to live under the threat of terrorism.


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