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Preparing for the International Homeland Security and Cyber Conference

This November, 160 Israeli companies will be presenting homeland security and cyber defense technological developments to thousands of visitors from all over the world at an Israel Export Institute-sponsored conference. Among the innovations on display will be a technology to jam drone communications, a thermal camera attached directly to a smartphone, and motion detectors and radar systems for civilian use.

The decline in security throughout the world has raised awareness of the need for new technological developments in homeland security and cyberspace. Homeland security and cyber defense are the Israel’s newest and hottest branches of export.



The Israel Export Institute and the Foreign Trade Administration at the Ministry of Economy, together with the National Cyber Bureau, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Security Aid and Exports Department at the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Israel Airports Authority, are hard at work putting together the November 14-17 International Conference on Homeland Security and Cyber.


Among the guests expected to attend are dozens of homeland security ministers, police commissioners, intelligence agency chiefs, cyber security directors at government institutions, banks, and corporations, CEOs and key personnel from leading companies in homeland security and cyber defense.


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For the first time ever, the conference will deal with the interface between cyberspace and homeland security, and focus on four main topics: intelligence and terrorism; defending essential infrastructure (transportation and aviation, electricity, gas, oil); the smart global world; and incident management and emergency preparedness.


Guests will hold previously scheduled business meetings with Israeli companies and tour the professional exposition open concurrently with the conference, presenting the innovative solutions offered by some 160 Israeli companies.


Among the participants in the expo are Elbit Systems, the Mer Group, SuperCom, Rafael, Magal, the Rayzone Group, Israel Aerospace Industries, and many more.


We went to check out some of the new products and found several particularly innovative and promising companies:


Jamming hostile drone communications

Phantom Technologies Ltd. manufactures equipment that blocks and exposes drones. The moment a drone is detected, the system operates an automatic blocker that prevents the drone from entering the protected area.


“This system doesn’t broadcast anything; it simply detects communications from the drone to the ground,” says company CEO Ro’ee Itzhakov. “The moment communications are sensed, the system identifies the drone’s presence, determines it is a threat, and deploys a blocker that jams the drone’s communications systems.”


A thermal camera on your cell phone

Therm-App is a thermal camera based on the Android’s operating system.


“It represents something truly innovative in thermal imaging because it’s the first open-source-based system in the world,” says Roy Israely, director of marketing at Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd.


“The thermal technology detects electromagnetic radiation—or, in other words, heat. The camera is enabled to detect the unique heat pattern of specific objects and create a virtual picture of them. The camera is not light-sensitive and can therefore operate under conditions of absolute dark and in fog and can pick out human targets at 400-500 meter ranges.”


Intelligence gathering

KELA Israeli Intelligence Ltd. provides ad hoc intelligence solutions to companies and organizations around the world.


“We gather all intelligence connected to a company anywhere on the web,” says M., representing KELA.


“We gather and analyze, and through the analysis discover if the party is facing any particular risk or threat. The moment we discover one, we analyze it and warn the relevant party.”


Motion detection from afar

Agent Vi is a leading global provider of open architecture video analytics solutions, using cameras, CCTV, and video.


“If someone crosses a virtual line, we can see him and send a warning or alarm to the relevant security personnel,” says Saul Gold, director of marketing for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at Agent Vi. “We also run a search of every video running hours, days, and even months, through smart filters we apply.”


Magus Ltd. is intent on revolutionizing the security market. “The idea is to take radar technology, which has till now only be available to clients such as armies, border patrols, and other institutions with massive budgets, and bring it to civilian industries,” says Gadi Bar-Ner, vice president for marketing at Magus.


“We want to be able to allow the electric company, oil companies, and other members of the essential infrastructure industry to use it for perimeter security and connect it to cameras to create a comprehensive solution to entire issue of onsite security.”


According to him, radar is—technologically speaking—the best detection measure known to man.


“It works in any weather, by day or night – nothing fazes it. It can detect a human body at a distance of 400-500 meters and can cover 120° of a sector; radar knows the exact location of any intruding object, puts it on the map, and sends out a simple civilian camera that follows the object continuously.”


The article was prepared with help from the Israel Export Institute.


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