The passengers left their mark.
You can't take us anywhere: An end-flight fight
Arkia's Eilat–Tel Aviv flight experienced one last bit of in-flight entertainment as two of its passengers got into a fight about leaving first that ended up injuring three.

An Arkia flight from Eilat to Tel Aviv on Monday ended in blood, with a physical altercation breaking out amongst passenger who fought over who would be the first to disembark the plane.



Close to 6pm, the plane landed at Sde Dov Airport. As the aircraft was taxiing to its parking position, several of the passengers unfastened their safety belts and stood up—a remarkably common occurrence amongst travelling Israelis, despite its violating aviation laws in different countries and the safety regulations of every airline.


The price of early disembarking
The price of early disembarking


One of the passengers started shoving his way to the front of the plane, elbowing the other eager and already-standing passengers out of his way whilst proffering a thoroughly unoriginal excuse: "I'm in a hurry."


Another passenger, who was located closer to the plane's nose, saw her fellow traveler making his aggressive way forward and elected to make a stand. She positioned herself in the narrow aisle to block his progress and refused to let him path.


An eyewitness said that in response, the male passenger shoved the woman who was blocking his path. She quickly retaliated with a shove of her own that ended up injuring the hurried man's face, and he began to bleed. Another passenger who was standing nearby the two was injured as well.


The in-flight crew tried to separate the two and called an ambulance and police car to the plane. All three of those involved were mildly injured and were treated by the ambulance crew at the scene.


The ill-fated flight's captain reported the incident to the airline's management, who decided not to file a police complaint, though they did condemn the passengers' behavior.


(Translated and edited by J. S. Herzog)


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