Putin offers Comey political asylum in sarcastic remarks

In a sarcastic outburst, President Vladimir Putin on Thursday scoffed at former FBI director James Comey's disclosure of his conversations with US President Donald Trump, saying the move has made Comey eligible for political asylum in Russia.


Putin, speaking in a live call-in show with the Russian nation, likened Comey to NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who has been living

in Russia since being granted asylum in 2013.


"It looks weird when the chief of a security agency records his conversation with the commander-in-chief and then hands it over to media via his friend," Putin said. "What's the difference then between the FBI director and Mr. Snowden? In that case he's more of a rights campaigner defending a certain position than the security agency chief."


On an acerbic note, he added that if Comey "faces some sort of persecution in connection with that, we are ready to offer political asylum in Russia to him as well."