State Prosecutor to review upcoming Olmert memoir to make sure no sensitive security info. is mentioned

The State Prosecutor's Office issued a statement on Sunday, referring to the police search of the Yedioth Ahronoth Publishing Thursday, in search of sensitive infomation on matters of national security that may be included in the upcoming book of former prime minister

and current convicted felon Ehud Olmert.


In its statement, the State Prosecutor said that it had requested the court issue a warrant to allow it access to Yedioth Ahronoth Publishing, in an effort to find out whether Olmert's memoir contains information that could create significant security risks for Israel. After the court's granting the warrant, the Prosecutor's Office handed them over to the police for review.


Olmert, who was convicted of bribery and sentenced to 27 months in prison, petitioned the court on Sunday for an early release, after completing two-thirds of his sentence.