Syrian army enters IS stronghold, says monitor
A Syrian opposition monitoring group says government forces have entered the eastern town of Mayadeen, a main stronghold of the Islamic State group in Syria.


The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said government forces and allied militiamen entered western parts of Mayadeen including the wheat silos compound and the sheep market.


Syrian troops have been marching for days toward Mayadeen under the cover of intense Russian airstrikes and bombardment by government artillery and multiple rocket launchers.


Omar Abou Leila, of the monitoring group DeirEzzor 24, said he cannot confirm or deny the report, adding that it is possible that troops had entered the town given their days-long advance.


Airstrikes on Mayadeen, one of IS's last strongholds in Syria, and nearby areas over the past days have killed and wounded scores of people.


First published: 10.06.17, 17:04