Almog (L) Nir Itach
Israeli released from Egyptian custody
24-year-old Nir Itach released from arrest in Sinai after being summarily tried and fined when cops find forgotten M16 bullets in his bag; 'They treated him in a shameful way because he was Jewish,' says brother.
Egyptian police released overnight Tuesday a 24-year-old Israeli from Rehovot who was arrested the same night in Sinai after M16 rifle bullets, apparently forgotten there from his days in the military, were discovered in his bag.



Nir Itach was released from Egyptian custody at around 2:30am after being summarily tried and fined NIS 500. Itach was also barred for seven days from entering Egypt, from where he returned directly to Israel.


Itach set out on Tuesday for his holiday destination in the peninsula where he was surprised to be swiftly arrested.


Almog (L) and Nir Itach
Almog (L) and Nir Itach


His brother Almog told Ynet that "he took with him a bag from his military service that has not been used in a very long time. He did not check the bag very well and is currently under arrest. I will not let him stay there alone."


Departing from Israel Sinai with his family to support his brother, Almog extended his gratitude to the Foreign Ministry its efforts to secure his brother’s release and the support offered by the country.


“My brother has gone to sleep after not sleeping for 16 hours,” he said. “I would like to praise the Foreign Ministry that helped us. I felt like all the people of Israel supported us and that strengthened us a lot.”


Nir Itach
Nir Itach


Almog also claimed that his brother had suffered abuse at the hands of the Egyptian guards tasked with his arrest due to the fact that he was Jewish.


“He told us it wasn’t a pleasant experience. They treated him in a shameful way and not with respect. They didn't stop coming down on him because he was Jewish,” Almog added. “He needed to beg to be given water and they let him eat hours after already in custody.”


First published: 10.11.17, 13:20
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