State Attorney's Office appeals decision to acquit suspect who confessed to planning terror attack

The State Attorney's Office filed an appeal to the Supreme Court on Thursday for the decision to acquit Khalil Nimri, a resident of East Jerusalem, who was accused of planning a terror attack at the former Center Hotel in Eilat.


Despite being indicted for conspiracy to assist an enemy in times of war and confessing two years ago to planning to plant a bomb in

a hotel in the southern holiday resort of Eilat, he was acquitted by a panel of judges in the Be'er Sheva District Court, who did not provide a reason for their decision to let Nimri off the hook. However, questions were raised over the veracity of the confession, which was ultimately not accepted. The bulk of the case was predicated on Nimri’s confession, as is common in many security-related trials. However, the confession did not entirely correspond with objective evidence presented during the legal proceedings.


Nimri, 23, was charged by the Southern District Attorney's Office, along with Ashraf Salameh, 25—both of whom lived and worked in Eilat at the time—in 2015 for allegedly planning the attack with the intention of killing a group of Ashkenazi religious tourists staying in the Hotel Be Center, formerly called the Rio hotel.


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