Hungary says EU's "irresponsible" migrant policy poses threat to Jews

BUDAPEST - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's office said on Monday an "irresponsible" migration policy on the part of the European Union had stoked religious intolerance in western Europe that was threatening Jews there.


His office issued a statement a week after Orban was re-elected by a landslide to a third straight term with a fierce anti-immigrant campaign that vilified Hungarian-born, Jewish-American tycoon George Soros for promoting liberal open-door values in Hungary and elsewhere in central and eastern Europe.


The right-wing nationalist premier has presented himself as the saviour of Hungary's sovereignty and Christian values against what he calls an "invasion" of Muslim migrants. His office used the occasion of Hungary's Holocaust Remembrance Day to reiterate its strong criticism of EU migration policies.


"There is only one way to counter worryingly strengthening anti-Semitic phenomema...Europe must return to its values stemming from Judaeo-Christian traditions," Orban's office said.


"The religious intolerance that threatens Europe - which is a direct consequence of the irresponsible migration policy of Brussels - has translated into unprecedented violence in the western half of the continent," it said, alluding to a number of deadly Islamist militant attacks since 2015.


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